A Weekend in the Country

I was connected to Christina and her lovely husband via our mutual friend, Cara, who posed for her maternity images earlier this year. Between preparing for a new baby and her very demanding professional life, Christina managed to find time for this very special maternity photo shoot that will remind her of this precious time in her life for years to come.

Ward Pound Reserve

My house is adjacent to the Ward Pound Reserve, the largest preserve in Westchester County boasting 4,315 acres, and provided us an endlessly inspiring backdrop.

"It's not being in love that makes me happy, it's being in love with you that makes me happy."

Thanks to the Bedford Village Flower Shoppe for this incredible flower crown.

BACK In THE Studio

Rediscovering Natural Light

Finding the light in NYC can be challenging. When I moved to my Williamsburg, Brooklyn loft, my work became darker & moodier with a heavy dependency on strobing. I realized in reviewing my portfolio that this style of shooting doesn't resonate with my soul as much as my earlier luminous work.

Now that I have more space and square footage, I'm eager to take advantage of the abundant available sunlight with a fresh perspective. The following images were shot in a controlled setting outside, with a large octabox as a fill over my right shoulder.

Thanks to My Team

Photographer: Fay Fox

Hair & Makeup Artist: Amanda Markoya

Flowers: The Bedford Flower Shoppe