A Very Happy Ending.

My friend and roommate of three years called me this summer to let me know that she and her long-time boyfriend were tying the knot. I was overjoyed to hear the happy news. Despite these uncertain times, they were moving a head with a "mini-mony" in a few short weeks which included a full religious ceremony and reception for 50 guests. We worked out a plan together to capture the special moments so they could share in their joy with friends and family across the world.

The wedding took place at Wave Hill in the Bronx, a 28-acre estate in the Hudson Hill section of Riverdale. The venue consists of public horticultural gardens and a cultural center, all situated on the slopes overlooking the Hudson River, with expansive views across the river to the New Jersey Palisades.

These two have such an incredible bond that spans more than fifteen years. Jen has always been a tower of strength, acting like a sister and best friend all rolled into one. She the most wonderful friend through the years and was the most loving and attentive Maid of Honor. I was so happy to see her again.

Marco Polo Stufano Conservatory

We were able to sneak into the Tropical Garden of the Conservatory, grabbing bridal portraits and tender moments between the couple. The diffused light through the glass panels gave us a respite from the intense August sun and provided perfect lighting conditions for me. This spot is really a dream location for portrait work.

Aquatic & Monocot Gardens

Next we hiked up to the acquatic gardens to find some shelter from the hot sun and finish the final couple portraits. The sun dappled the light through the trees at times, but I didn't mind it on a few images.

The Badeken

After the Ketubah was signed, the Groom covered his bride's face with a veil. This is an ancient tradition dating back to biblical times, signifying that the Groom acknowledges he is marrying the woman beneath the veil for her soul and not merely her beauty. Kristen was beaming in this moment, really taking his breath away. Knowing the hurdles these two crossed to be together and energy between them in this moment makes the shot.

The Ceremony

The pergola overlooking the Hudson River provided us with an unparalleled backdrop to shoot the reception. With the last beams of daylight dipping behind the horizon, we caught some epic lens flares during the short ceremony and were grateful to have had our neutral density filters handy.

The Reception

Friends from across the world gathered in celebration of Kristen & David. The staff at Wave Hill made sure everyone was safe and comfortable to celebrate with masks on. As the night sky settled over the gardens, we had to get very creative very quickly with our little off camera flashes as the only source of light for the first dance.

Photography by Faymous

Event Planner Skylar Arden Events

Venue Wave Hill