December 6, 2022

Family Sessions

Family, Pound Ridge

Tiny Moments

This year for me, has been all about the baby. Outside of round-the-clock nursing, diaper changing, and learning to be a mom; I have found joy in photographing young families. Each subject has been a friend or connected to my son in some way, making the process very special to me.

This beautiful lady did my wedding hair and many other important shoots for me during the past decade. She welcomed her daughter a few months before my son came into the world. This fall, she was the makeup artist for a few of my singing clients as I returned back to work. We stepped back on set together as if nothing had changed, yet everything had for us both. I felt so honored when she asked me to capture her Holiday Card.

Reserve Sessions

The Ward Pound Reserve

I swapped a skyline city view for 5,000 acres of rolling New York countryside. There is something freeing about meeting up with friends and creating something beautiful outside. We work with the day's mood and have an open attitude about the images we capture together. Nothing is meant to be "perfect," and the result feels beautiful in its truth.

Thank you to all my friends who trusted me during this process.